Wags & Whiskers

Please read the following guidelines before you fill out the Foster Animal Application below! All Foster Pet Owners must:

*  Be temporarily unable to care for their pet due to physical temporary medical issues.
*  Have a specific end date when Owner will be able to resume care of Foster Animal- minimum of 2 weeks away, up to 2 years.
*  Exhibit and demonstrate ability and desire to resume complete care for your pet upon completion of Foster Term.
*  Exhibit ability and desire to cover monthly costs of Foster Animal’s food/medical bills while with Foster Family.
*  Have checked with all friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors before applying to Wags & Whiskers, and have the only remaining

    options be surrendering animal to a shelter or unacceptable home.
*  Provide a clear digital picture of Animal for application.
*  Have Animal on appropriate flea/tick medicine
*  Have Foster Animal spay/neutered and up-to-date on all vaccinations by beginning of Foster Term, and be able to provide vaccination

    and veterinary records that prove this.


Wags & Whiskers cannot accept any Foster Animals with a history of destruction or aggression towards humans in the program.
Wags & Whiskers cannot guarantee placement for accepted applications within our program, despite our best efforts.  Due to Wags & Whisker’s nature as a volunteer organization, placement depends solely on the availability, skills, and willingness of our approved foster homes to accept a foster pet.If you fit these requirements and need a temporary foster home for your pet, please contact Wags & Whiskers at info@WagsWhiskers.Org.  We will contact you within 48 hours. We reserve the right to request proof of any of the above requirements. If you have any problems or questions please check our Q & A section here,  or call us at 512-346-7475.