Wags & Whiskers


Do you like responsible pet ownership?
Fostering an animal with Wags & Whiskers is a truly unique and rewarding experience. The owner has asked friend after friend, and all their neighbors and family, but has found no one who can care for their best friend while they are away, and they often contact us heartbroken and scared. Their animals are well-trained and well-behaved, but are faced with the uncertain future of a shelter – where their owner will never see them again – simply because their owner does not have “animal-friendly” friends or relatives who can foster their pet.

Our Medical and Hospital Foster programs will be unique in that our animals are already members of loving homes, who have human companions that love and care for them and do not want to lose their beloved pets because of a temporary crisis. No one should have to lose their best friend forever because of a temporary illness today.

Do you believe in supporting  the critically ill?

When you offer to foster a companion animal for Wags & Whiskers, you are not only saving the life of an animal, you are saving the heart and possible life of their best friend. Meeting someone whose life you have just turned upside-down by saving their beloved companion from a shelter, and promising to return their furry family member to them in a few month’s time, can be one of the best healing moments of your life – until you witness the reunion, when the recovered medical or hospital patient walks through your front door and neither of them can contain their joy. Remember how important letters at camp were to you as a child? Those will not be half as important as the letters you send to a cancer patient who reads your stories of their best friend and is reminded of the happiness that waits for them, and what they are fighting for.

Would you like to help beloved companion animals stay with their best friends, and out of shelters?

To care for an animal in need from Wags & Whiskers is to support responsible pet ownership, those in medical crisis, not just that one animal.  The list below outlines some benefits of our foster program.  Our foster families will allow Wags & Whiskers to do great work, and we will strive to make sure every one of our fosters is shown the support they need to take care of each animal.

You choose to foster for the length of time you can commit. Unlike fostering through animal shelters, a Wags & Whiskers Foster Parent will have a solid date when they know the animal will go back to a loving home that is grateful to have them back.
You choose the breed, size, gender, needs, and temperament. We will give our fosters the flexibility to detail exactly what they are comfortable with, and carefully match our animals with the foster family’s specifications.
Gain a loving companion, a new playmate for your pet, and the knowledge that you have saved an animal from losing their best friend and disappearing into the shelter system. Also experience the joy and blessing of helping pet parents out during a very difficult time.  Possible saving their life and provide faster healing with the excitement of being reunited with their best friend and sometimes only family.

Make friends that will last a lifetime. Foster families build an ongoing relationship with both the foster animal and their owner.

We will be available 24/7 to support our foster homes, should they have any questions or concerns about their foster animals, and will strive to help with foster needs such as professional training help, emergency food and supplies, pet boarding, veterinary work, and more.

Sign up today to make a new friend, support patients in need and worried families in hospitals keep their beloved best friends happy and healthy through a time of crisis. You can make a real difference in the lives of animals and families in need, today!