Wags & Whiskers


The concept of Wags & Whiskers was conceived in 2018 by Robert Shaw, Wags & Whiskers Founder and President, who has been working with shelter and rescue groups for many years and has served as a Commissioner with the City of Austin Animal Advisory Commission focusing on domestic and wild animal issues and finding a community balance. In 2016, Robert began to realize through his extensive animal advocacy work that more and more people were forced to surrender their pets to a shelter when the pet owners had major health issues. The pet parents were forced to make a decision to leave their best friends and sometimes only family in the lobby of an animal shelter, full of sadness, worry, and remorse. Or not attend to their medical needs and risk the loss of their own life. Unfortunately, many choose the later.

Robert felt those with medical needs should not have to abandon all hope of seeing their best friends again because of health issues. Robert decided to defend the lives of their companion animals so their pet parents could focus on healing both physically mentally and have peace of mind when they thought about their furry families. This peace of mind plays a major role in the healing process and positive mental state of reuniting with their furry family.

Wags & Whiskers was founded as a non-profit 501(c)(3) that would set out to find these animals free, quality, volunteer foster homes while their owners were unable to house them due to their medical issues. Working out of his home in Texas, Wags & Whiskers team is working in getting the word out and talking to potential foster families and partners.

 We believe as more and more people become aware of our Medical Foster Programs we can began receiving calls and eventually expand outside of Texas.  We are also eager to accommodate clients who wish to fly their pets to us to be placed with our quality foster homes. Wags & Whiskers will offer pet fostering to all hospital patients that were able to provide a solid “end date,” and began to work with animal lovers and fosters to try to help more people in need. Wags & Whiskers working towards developing relationships with local veterinarians, trainers, kennels, pet suppliers and groomers who were interested in supporting Wags & Whisker’s work.

Wags & Whiskers will began expanding foster homes to meet the needs of people and pets who could not travel. Our medical foster program will grow quickly as word spreads. We will strive to increase the number of veterinarians and trainers that volunteered to help Wags & Whiskers Foster Pets. As our foster homes and volunteers grow, so does the awareness of this amazing and unique organization – and the number of animals we are able to help!

Wags & Whiskers is working towards the day when no beloved pets are unwillingly surrendered to shelters due to a temporary medical crisis. Can you help us make this happen? Become a foster home, volunteer, and/or donate today!