Dear Friend:

Wags & Whiskers, a newly formed 501c3 non-profit organization in Austin is seeking your assis­ tance in publicizing a job posting for our organization. As background, please find below a little information about our organization.

Every year, hundreds of Austin residents face unanticipated illnesses and hospitalizations forc­ ing them to find a way to care for their pets until they return to good health. This is particularly difficult for elderly residents who live alone and have no one to help feed and house their pets during the owners' recuperation.

In response to this pressing need, Wags & Whiskers has been established to provide peace of mind and temporary pet placement for these individuals. Our organization will help these individ­ uals place their pets in the homes of pre-approved individuals who have offered to care for their pets on a temporary basis.

The Wags & Whiskers Board of Directors will soon fill a temporary, volunteer position, which will be critical to launching our new organization. We would appreciate your help in publicizing this position.

The individual selected for this position will assist the board implement the activities listed in the attached job description. The successful applicant for this position will also be eligible to com­ pete for a Wags & Whiskers paid, full-time, executive director position, which we plan to post in the coming year.

 Individuals wishing to apply for this position should submit (1) a cover letter describing why they should be considered, (2) a copy of their resume, and (3) at least three references. This infor­ mation should be sent to the email address listed at the bottom of the attached job description.

All applications must be received no later than May 1, 2019.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Howard J. Goldman
Wags & Whiskers Board Member



 This is a temporary, volunteer position for a new start-up, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Wags & Whiskers. The mission of this organization to provide peace of mind and temporary pet placement for people facing illness. The individual selected for this position will serve a critical role in launching the programs and services of this vital new organization and will work in collaboration with the board of directors.

The successful applicant will be eligible to compete for a Wags & Whiskers paid, full-time Executive Director position expected to be posted in the coming year.


Program Design

* Conduct strategic and comprehensive planning. This includes developing work plans/action plans, identifying goals, objectives, 

   activities/tactics, responsible parties, due dates, deliverables, and a plan for measuring process and outcome.
* Conduct a literature review to justify and document the need for Wags & Whiskers programs and services. This includes documenting

   gaps in design and services and options for closing these gaps, prioritizing the gaps and options, and articulating a rationale for each

* Work collaboratively with referral agencies to develop proposed protocols (such as case management protocols) for referring individuals

   to Wags & Whiskers.
* Develop proposed methods for Program evaluation & management.

Budget & Finance

*  Research and assist in determining how much it will cost to operate this program
*  Assist in developing a detailed, itemized budget using standard budget categories (that is, personnel, fringe, equipment, materials &

    supplies, and travel).
*  Assist in developing a multi-pronged framework for funding / fundraising

  1.     Identify and explore diverse funding strategies such as submitting grant applications, planning and executing fundraising events,         and identification of sponsors and donors.
  2. Propose and submit applications for grant funding
  3. Develop proposed strategies for identifying sponsors and donors, including the promotion of Wags & Whiskers as part of peoples' estate planning

Communication & Partnerships

*  Assist in developing a communication plan, identifying a clear purpose, priority (target) audiences,primary messages to communicate to

    the priority audience(s), strategies and tactics for most efficiently reaching the audience(s) with the messages, a clear rationale justifying

    the recommended strategies/approach, responsible parties, due dates, deliverables, and a plan for measuring process and outcome.

* Assist in establishing and nurturing community relations with organizaitons and individuals. This includes developing partnerships with

   organziations and individuals to establish and maintain a referral network to support and help sustain the Wags & Whiskers fostering

   program. This may include non-pro fit organizations, animal shelters, rescue groups, veterinary clinics/organizations/ associations, social

   services agencies, doctors' offices, hospitals, religious groups, military organizations and other groups and individuals

*  Volunteer Management
*  Train & manage a volunteer(s) to assist with developing and maintaining data bases
*  Market volunteer posit ion(s), by approaching the University of Texas, Austin Community College and other appropriate entities.

•   Skill in leading or assisting in leading non-profit initiatives, programs or function s related to general management, finance and

    budgeting, volunteer management, fundraising and grant writing.
*  Ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively and build sound working relationship with the board of directors, community


    customers and build effective professional networks
*  Possess excellent interpersonal communication skills that enable effective outreach and interaction with diverse audiences 

    and in communicating, verbally and in writing.

*   Ability to apply knowledge of computer operating system s and programs to increase efficiency in day to day operations

*   Knowledge of website development and maintenance and social media marketing methods

     (This may require an additional volunteer(s)

Required :
*   Successful candidate must have access to and utilize their own equipment and internet access (that is, access to a computer, printer,

     copier and other routine office equipment).

*   Bachelor's degree in related field (that is,business administration, public administration, social services, or another related field). Three

     or more years of experience in assisting wit h the leadership of a non-profit program or function to include oversight of volunteers,

     fundraising, partnership development and community relations efforts. Experience may be substituted for required education on a year

     for year basis.

*  Experience and/or skill in helping launch start-up(s)
*  Experience with animal fostering or rescue programs

Individuals wishing to apply for this position must submit (1) a cover letter describing why they should be considered, (2) a resume, and (3) at least three references to Howard J. Goldman, Wags & Whiskers Board Member at Applications must be received by no later than 5 pm, CDT, May 1, 2019.

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