Wags & Whiskers


An increased respect for all companion animals, so that all decisions about pets – from adoption to spaying/neutering to providing a permanent home – lead us to manageable pet population.


We are united team of professionals with a shared passion for rescuing and protecting the welfare of homeless pets nationwide.

Our partners and team represent animal advocates across the nation and are leveraging public platforms to make an impact on the lives of homeless companion animals. They help us broadcast the messages of pet adoption and responsible pet ownership, including the benefits of spaying/neutering, by lending their voices to our cause, volunteering at local shelters, attending fundraisers and making charitable donations.

We believe that providing accurate information about homeless pets will help current and future generations make information decisions about their animals, leading us to a more humane pet population.

Wags and Whiskers is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization as recognized by the IRS.