Wags & Whiskers

There are several different ways you can get involved with the amazing work that Wags & Whiskers is striving towards. Some are listed below. If you are interested in lending a hand with anything listed or unlisted, please let us know by contacting us at Info@WagsWhiskers.Org.  It is only by the generosity of people like you that we are able to continue this important work, supporting our critically ill by fostering their animals in their time of need.

Home Visit Volunteer:
The Home Visit Volunteer is currently one of the most needed and helpful way to support Wags & Whiskers mission. HVV’s will help by checking prospective foster homes for animal-appropriateness and safety before any pets are placed there, as well as helping us understand the expectations of the foster home. 

Video Volunteer:
We will eventually have several amazing reunions that we would love to have videotaped to share with the world. If you have skill/equipment and would like to help to video or edit footage for an event, we would love to have you with us!

The services of Wags & Whiskers must be shared to save lives! If you can post fliers in your area to spread awareness, and/or speak to business owners about partnering with Wags & Whiskers, or post on social media your work today could save a life tomorrow. 

Hold a Fundraiser!
Fundraisers can be car washes, bake sales, lemonade stands, selling candy bars, door-to-door collecting, restaurant percentages, business donations, spaghetti dinners, or anything you can think of! Call or email us anytime to speak more about this fun and exciting volunteer activity, great for teams, groups, and scout troops.
If you have any particular skills- like organizing, silk screening, or design skills, please tell us about them! If you work with animals in any professional context- veterinary, kennel, trainer, or pet supply- and would be willing to discuss discounts for Wags & Whiskers Foster Families, let us know! Perhaps you can support Wags & Whiskers in ways that are not mentioned in this email.

We truly appreciate your help, and are so excited to be working with you! Together we are protecting the human-animal bond and saving the lives of companion animals and their owners- because no one should lose their best friend forever because of a temporary medical crisis today.